New Reader is Live!

After several long weeks of work, I have finally completed remodeling the reader site for desktop and mobile use. You can access it atย I added previous and next buttons to reader navigation, and made the page number and chapter selector into dropdown menus. I also redid a bit of the JavaScript code on scrolling and page changes to be snappier and quicker. Chapter loading is still widely the same for caching optimization, which I know is a pain for our Mousou readers – sorry guys… The reader is also restyled to match this new site blessing your eyes currently.ย If anything looks weird or misaligned, let me know! I will do my best to fix it. Just leave a comment.

I have one more project in the works with one of Helvetica’s own members to display the latest releases on the home page for easy access. Look forward to that popping up in coming months.

One last note, I was thinking about posting about my own progress and study with the Japanese language since several of Helvetica’s members are interested in learning. Coming from a complete beginner, I will walk through my inspiration to learn Japanese and how much it really takes, as well as where to start, self-expectations, and different resources. I will also post about what I’ve currently been learning both on my own and in classes.

That’s all on webmaster updates – as always, thanks for the support!

-Pale the Webmaster

Edit:ย I forgot to mention that I am killing the forum site since it is no longer needed. I will be keeping up the old reader for about a week before deleting it as well for any sort of external links on Reddit or otherwise. That is all.


Hello everyone! We’re currently renovating the site, so some links may be broken. I am a busy student so please understand if everything isn’t perfect. We are soon going to be getting rid of the forums since we’re moving to this new site format. If you’ve created an account on the forums, I would like to thank you for joining us on that little experiment. We do have some things planned for the future, such as a latest releases sidebar and a Japanese phrase of the day marquee (worry not, it will look nice). We are also planning on remaking the reader to be more mobile friendly. While work is being done on the new reader, we will still continue to use the other reader.

Thank you all for your continued support!

-Pale the Webmaster