Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important in this day and age and we understand that.

Since Helvetica Scans is a non profit group, we do not use your personal info for anything other than keeping the website and its contents secure. Email and IP addresses obtained from commenting on blog posts aren’t shared with any other third parties or staff members, nor used for anything other than review if a post has been reported for spam or phishing.


Advertisements do nothing but involuntarily generate money and annoy people. Since we have no plans on monetizing any of our work, there isn’t any internal interest in implementing advertisements for our benefit. We want to provide you a platform that you can feel safe reading on, free from any interference.

Log files and Cookies

Like most websites, we collect information from user generated log files. Other websites may use this information for generating ad revenue by selling the data to third parties, however we have no use for them. Log files and cookies are automatically cleared at set intervals during the day since on a basic reading platform they serve no use.

If you’re really scared of Big Brother, you can also choose to disable cookies in your browser settings, which shouldn’t have any effect on your browsing experience.