Something Ends, Something Begins

Yesterday we released the last chapter of Kumika no Mikaku. It was a fantastic journey and I want to again thank the whole team and the readers for being there for the ride.

Meanwhile we are already ready to jump on the next thing. The author of Kumika recently started a new series, “Looking up to Magical Girls”, of which we released the first chapter today.
Sadly the Japanese release schedule for it is really bad. It only comes out once every two months. So while this sucks for us the readers, it at least means that it won’t drain any resources from us.

In other news: Mousou is of course still on hiatus, Kyuu-chan volume extras should be coming up in the near future, Battle in 5 Seconds is taking a bit longer to release right now than we would like it to but we are trying to get back to a faster schedule again. On top of that, we are planning to start the webcomic chapters of My Alien Days on May 5th.

I think that should be all. Have a great day!

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Reverting the Rebranding

+++Announcement 2+++

Well… judging from the upvotes the Kings Viking chapter got, people apparently didn’t agree with the path we chose so we’ll revert to what we did before.

Picking up niche daily 4-komas and sometimes releasing chapters or whatever.

Bentoki is fired again. Please direct your “When is Mousou coming back?” questions to me again. I will reply with an appropriate :fuckTwi4: emoji.