+++ Announcement +++

After we dropped Grand Blue Dreaming more than one year ago a lot of people on our public Discord were probably thinking “well shit, what else do they even work on?”. In the internet wide confusion that followed us listening to our hearts and being worried about big daddy Kodansha coming in to wreck our little makeshift website, a lot of people looked for a new Helvetica series to be excited about. After considering all possible options, manga readers only had one valid choice that could be considered Helvetica’s new flagship series.

Support for it grew explosively and every new chapter is gathering more fans worldwide, gasping while clicking the pages to see what comes next and shivering in excitement for the next chapter to release.
Sadly, due to certain staff members being thrown into jail for possession of underage pornography, lately progress on this masterpiece has come to a halt. Petitions have started to form, demanding a return of steady releases and an anime adaptation by Kyoto Animation, directed by Naoko Yamada. But to no avail.

Until now.

Dear readers, fans and friends. I am happy to announce that Helvetica will cease work on all other projects in order to focus 100% of our raw procrastination power on one project. After minutes of consideration, the team unanimously decided that the leadership of both this project and Helvetica as a whole should be given to our dear friend, colleague and typesetting wizard, Bentoki.

From now this group shall be called


I wholeheartedly want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support during this tumultuous time in our existence. I trust that our new Australian overlord will finally deliver what the people really want. Thank you.

– Botspage

February Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last update post and there are quite a few things to talk about, both good and bad.

Let’s start with the bad. A long time ago we started working on Souboutei Must Be Destroyed but due to various reasons we just weren’t able to make good progress on the scanlation of the series. Our translator for this series is very passionate about it and wants to work on it and release the series consistently. So if you are interested in taking over send us an email so that we can organize that. For us Souboutei is sadly dropped.

The other project that we’ll be saying goodbye to is our re-scanlation of Boku Girl. A few people in Helvetica were not happy with the existing scanlation of the end of this series and wanted to do it better. But similarly  to Souboutei, we were also not able to keep up consistent progress and since the project has been on a standstill for so long for us, we decided to call it a day and discontinue the project.

In terms of our daily 4-koma things are also not looking fantastically. The Japanese release of Mousou Telepathy is still on hiatus and we don’t know a return date. Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan is also on hiatus but will probably return in early March.

Now to some good news. While we finally cleaned up and dropped the projects we had on a standstill, we were able to better organize and assign more people to other projects that were running but didn’t get the release consistency they deserved.

Kumika no Mikaku will now be released weekly and Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting will change to a 4-day release schedule.

My Alien Days is still being released weekly by us but is approaching the end of the series that’s released as volumes. After the volumes are done we will start working on the web-chapters of the series but we still have to decide on the release schedule for that.

We were also able to release a new chapter for Curiosity Killed the Schoolgirl. This project was on hiatus for us due to our translator for it vanishing. Quothen translated a chapter for it in his free time but that still means that we’ll need a new translator for it if we want to keep working on it. If you are a translator or if you know anyone who would be interested, hit us up.

Kalyx is sadly still on hiatus for us since we don’t have the team to work on it at the current moment. But we would still like to continue and finish the series in the future.

That should be it in terms of series updates. Overall I’d draw a very positive conclusion for the status of Helvetica. We finally decided to cut series that just weren’t working out for us and focusing more on series that just needed a little push in order to release steadily. In 2019 we are finally looking forward to finishing some projects and continuing this process of consolidating work effort on projects that need it and then of course also pick up new project depending on the free staff that we have.

Have a great day!