Mousou Telepathy Update

Since two days the Japanese publication of Mousou Telepathy has resumed and we are back to releasing it at the usual release time.

Until now we have been releasing the chapter on the same day it came out in Japan but in order to work on Mousou without losing our minds we’ll need to built up a bit of buffer. We’ll do this by not releasing chapters on the next two weekends. On all other days you should expect a new Mousou chapters at 6pm CET. (Whatever that is in your time zone.)

November Update

This post is just called “November Update” since there is no specific reason for it besides it being a few general updates on what’s happening in the Helvetica manga mines.

First and foremost, yes, Mousou Telepathy is still on hiatus. We haven’t dropped it but there simply haven’t been any new Japanese chapters for a few months now. All we can do is hope and wait.

But besides Mousou, we are doing really well again.
Kings’ Viking and Ten Thousand Kinds of Love are finally back from the dead and releasing again, My Alien Days and Battle in 5 Seconds are both being done fully weekly now. Sadly we are not able to make Kumika no Mikaku bi-weekly but we are doing our best to release chapters as fast as we can. The series has been pretty cursed in terms of staff availability but we are of course planning on finishing the series with consistent releases.

That should be everything for now.
Maybe a small reminder that there is a link to our Discord server on the right side of this page. We are always happy to see new people to talk with there. Also you can yell at us why your favorite series isn’t releasing/releasing so slowly.

Have a great day!