‘Tis the Season

As you might have noticed our releases have slowed down a bit lately. My Alien Days should have been a weekly release for example but we skipped the releases for the past 2 weeks. Other projects that we haven been working on are also a bit stalled.

This has a very simple explanation: Exams.

Right now Helvetica and the scanlation scene in general is in a bit of a lockdown until this blows over. We’ll try to release what we can release and of course Kyuu isn’t going anywhere but for some other things we’ve been working on you’ll need to wait a tiny bit. Rest assured that nothing is dropped, all projects are staffed better than ever and we are hopeful to release quite a few things more steadily in the future. In addition to that, we are planning on releasing 2 new projects once they are ready. Of course this won’t harm our other projects since the people working on them were free anyway.

Have a great day!

– Newspage

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