Interview with Mousou Telepathy’s author NOBEL

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Here are the answers to the questions YOU asked!!

Q. How did you come up with the idea of a mind reading girl and a poker-faced boy?

A. During the trial serialization, I had Nakano-san as a mind reader, but Toda-kun as a normal boy. Once I was confirmed for a longer serialization, I decided that I wanted them to seem completely different on the surface while being similar on the inside; that’s where Toda-kun’s expressionless face came from.

Q. The massive gap between Toda-kun’s delusions and reality is fantastic! I also love how Mana and Nakano-san have grown close enough to be honest with each other. There are plenty of other characters that come up in the story, and I was wondering how you manage to shape their personalities.

A. Everyone has their good and bad points, so initially I just give them personalities that I need for the plot. After that, I just sort of think, “Oh, well they’d probably do something like this,” and add to their personality accordingly. I don’t think about it that much, and the characters build up naturally.

Q. Both your current and previous work (My Alien Days) have been story-based manga in 4-koma form. Is there a reason why you choose to use the 4-koma format for story-based manga?

A. I started My Alien Days on a personal blog site, and honestly, setting up the panels for a traditional manga was just too much work for the pace I was uploading at. I’d love to make a normal manga someday, but I might have sort of forgotten how to.

Q. The infamous SAME T-shirt appears again in your exclusive volume bonus chapter. Ayako’s wardrobe has been officially labelled as tacky, but what’s the story behind her fashion taste?

A. I think it’s because, growing up, her father would call her cute no matter what she wore. Also, for better or worse, I don’t think she has that much interest in fashion or style in the first place.

Q. The cover illustrations for Mousou Telepathy have always been black and white, but Volume 5 featured Nakano-san in full color. What was your intention behind this?

A. I wanted to shake things up in a way that fit with the story. I’d also like to create a fully colored cover for the final volume.

Q. What is your favorite thing to eat while you’re drinking? (If you don’t drink often, then what is your favorite dish to eat?)

A. I don’t have a single favorite side that goes with alcohol, but I do enjoy meats and fish. As far as my favorite food… I generally eat anything. If I had to say, I suppose I don’t like sweet vegetables that much.

Q. It’s well known that you’re an avid cyclist. Is there anywhere you’d like to ride your bike, or anywhere that you particularly enjoyed riding to in the past?

A. I want go to Shibu Toge Pass in Nagano (preferably in May), or Shimanami Kaido1. I’ve never been to the Kyushu region, so there as well. In the past, I’ve been to Melbourne in Australia, and the beautiful scenery accompanied by the smooth bike paths made it a very fun trip. Remember, no matter where you go, watch out for bike thieves.

Q. Is there anything that you simply can’t let go of whenever you’re working on a manuscript?

A. Cigarettes! I’m thinking about quitting soon though.

NOBEL’s work station!

Q. With the news that the next volume will be the last, we’ve seen plenty of tears from the fans. NOBEL, what scenes stick out to you in this series?

A. I loved the end of Volume 2. 2

Q. What are you looking to write after Mousou Telepathy ends?

A. I still have a ton of ideas for romcoms. Also, I’m interested in writing some yuri, BL, and fantasy stories. Essay manga3 seem pretty fun as well. I think in the end, I’m going to try and write a bunch of smaller stories.

Q. Lastly, do you have anything you’d like to say to your fans?

A. Thank you so much for all of the support. Mousou Telepathy may be ending with this next volume, but I’m going to try and keep making all kinds of works. It would make me very happy if you continued to support me!

The following are the footnotes made by our translator, thank you for reading:

  1. A beautifully scenic bike path over the open ocean. I left this in phonetic form because that’s probably how you would find it if you’re trying to Google it for your next vacation.
  2. The talk between Toda and Nakano after the soccer game.
  3. Essay manga is a genre in which the mangaka writes about his or her own life.

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    1. The author posted on twitter that she’s sorry for the delay and thanked everyone who has waited to this day. The next manga is almost finished and she hopes to release it soon. Hope this helped!

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