Mousou Telepathy, Erinna and Exams

Time for some updates on some of our series!

First of all, as of today we finally caught up to the Mousou Telepathy raws which means that our version is now also on hiatus. We don’t know when the Japanese version will start releasing again but we do know that the next volume is supposed to come out on August 10th. So for now expect this to be around the time when the manga is starting up again.

Secondly,┬áSaturday we finished scanlating “Sing, Erinna!”. It was a really great experience and I hope you had as much fun reading as we had working on it.

To close this off I thought I should give an explanation for releases being even slower than usual right now. The simple answer is: it’s exam season for multiple members which made us put our focus on that instead of scanaltion for a little bit. Good news is that we are almost through so we’ll hopefully be able to batch release all the things that have been on hold until now.

In addition to that we are finally able to revive a dead project. If everything goes according to plan we’ll start working on My Alien Days again. It’s still take a bit but translation for the whole next volume and some chapters on top of that is done so we should be able to get it going in the near future.
Kalyx could also be a candidate for a future revival but we aren’t quite there yet for that series.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to comment bellow. Sorry again about the delayed chapters. We’ll be doing our best o7

6 thoughts on “Mousou Telepathy, Erinna and Exams

  1. Thanks for the updates, hope everyone does/did well on their exams! (And happy to see new Viking chapters out at last~)

  2. Came here to ask about ” Kusanagi-sensei is Being Tested”, guess that post answers it

  3. I’m so glad I discover Mousou Telepathy, and this website. You guys do a great job translating! I look forward to using this website more and reading more.

  4. Hey,not trying to rush you guys but has the author already submitted page 613 of Mousou Telepathy?Or is translating the page is taking time?Anyways,ty for taking your time for translating the page,appreciate it<3

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