March Update

Hey all! It’s been a while since the last update so here is what’s happening:

First of all, Mousou is back! After this incredibly long hiatus it will be going into it’s last part and the final chapter will release on April 12th. To build a tiny bit of buffer, we’ll take a break over the weekend again.

Other than that, most projects are going smoothly! Reiri is also coming closer to it’s end, Zombie 100 and Magical Girls are being released monthly even if we are sometimes a bit slow on Magical Girls. Sorry about that.

Living, Eating and Sleeping Together is a new fun series that we started recently. Progress on that isn’t as fast and consistent as we’d like it to be yet but we have high hopes that it’s getting there.

Now for the bad news:
Our scanlation of Battle in 5 Seconds is pretty much dead right now. We would like to continue it but right now the team isn’t feeling like working on it so no progress on new chapters is being made.
And then of course there are other projects that have been stuck for longer like 10k, Please Take my Brother Away and  Curiosity .

So yeah, overall we are doing great! Scanlation is still as fun as always once we get going with something, even if it takes us a bit of time recently to gather our motivation to start with something.
But the absolutely huge support we have received for Living, Eating and Sleeping Together, Magical Girl, Zombie 100 and yesterday Mousou has really given us back a lot of the momentum we were looking for.

With that being said: thank you all for your support and we will work hard to bring out releases in a timely fashion and also make sure they have the high quality that we want from our work.
Except for Zombie 100. That teams knows what they are.

And also a PSA: please stay safe during the Corona outbreak. Limit social contacts, wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Even if you won’t be affected much by the disease, you most likely will transfer it to someone who will be in danger of their life because of it. Breaking the exponential growth of infections only works if all of us practice disciple and solidarity.
Take care!

– Newspage

5 thoughts on “March Update

  1. I was re-reading this again & noticed that the last chapter of MouTele is 12th April! NoOoooo..!
    But, what can I say is thank you so much for the team’s hard work!
    With the best quality of releases everyday, I truly enjoyed reading MouTele since 2019.
    Thank you.

  2. Kind of a shame about Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting. It’s just so good that I read all 60 chapters in one go, and I think it really deserves a translation.

  3. I dont really know if this is useful or not but i Saw magical girls being updated by other group… AnCap translations I think it was.
    Since this notice is from march You may have dropped it and i just did’nt knew, but i wanted to tell You guys since your translations are very good and i’m sad to see that series being butchered the way it is.
    Thank You for all your hard work.

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