Dropping Talentless Nana and Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested

As you might have already heard, we are dropping Talentless Nana since it has been licensed in English by Crunchyroll.
Due to work for chapter 19 already being underway when we got the news we now have redrawn files for chapter 19 that we won’t need anymore. If anyone wants to continue the scanlation of this series then hit us up.

The other series that we sadly need to let go is Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested. We have been struggling for a while now to keep releases coming but with recent changes in the availability of the team working on it, we decided to let it go. Moe Panda Scans has agreed to pick up the series in our stead and should be the ones that you can look to for updates from now on.

That should be every update in terms of dropping series. A few series are still stuck in a never ending loop of bottlenecks and other minor problems that keep us from getting any progress done on them. Most notably Curiosity Killed the Schoolgirl which is on hiatus for now since our translator for it vanished.

If you are a Japanese to English translator and want to help out, then send us an application. Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is where most of our problems lie right now.

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5 thoughts on “Dropping Talentless Nana and Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested

  1. Damn, you guys did such a good job on talentless nana I’m sad to see you drop it. Now to wait a year for Crunchyroll to catch up with their mediocre scans…

  2. I’m disappointed about Nana. It was one of the more interesting reads I’ve found lately. What kind of help would be needed for the scanlation?

  3. No help needed at all since we are dropping it due to it being licensed.

    You’ll still be able to read the series but you’ll have to do it over Crunchyroll.

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