February Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last update post and there are quite a few things to talk about, both good and bad.

Let’s start with the bad. A long time ago we started working on Souboutei Must Be Destroyed but due to various reasons we just weren’t able to make good progress on the scanlation of the series. Our translator for this series is very passionate about it and wants to work on it and release the series consistently. So if you are interested in taking over send us an email so that we can organize that. For us Souboutei is sadly dropped.

The other project that we’ll be saying goodbye to is our re-scanlation of Boku Girl. A few people in Helvetica were not happy with the existing scanlation of the end of this series and wanted to do it better. But similarly  to Souboutei, we were also not able to keep up consistent progress and since the project has been on a standstill for so long for us, we decided to call it a day and discontinue the project.

In terms of our daily 4-koma things are also not looking fantastically. The Japanese release of Mousou Telepathy is still on hiatus and we don’t know a return date. Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan is also on hiatus but will probably return in early March.

Now to some good news. While we finally cleaned up and dropped the projects we had on a standstill, we were able to better organize and assign more people to other projects that were running but didn’t get the release consistency they deserved.

Kumika no Mikaku will now be released weekly and Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting will change to a 4-day release schedule.

My Alien Days is still being released weekly by us but is approaching the end of the series that’s released as volumes. After the volumes are done we will start working on the web-chapters of the series but we still have to decide on the release schedule for that.

We were also able to release a new chapter for Curiosity Killed the Schoolgirl. This project was on hiatus for us due to our translator for it vanishing. Quothen translated a chapter for it in his free time but that still means that we’ll need a new translator for it if we want to keep working on it. If you are a translator or if you know anyone who would be interested, hit us up.

Kalyx is sadly still on hiatus for us since we don’t have the team to work on it at the current moment. But we would still like to continue and finish the series in the future.

That should be it in terms of series updates. Overall I’d draw a very positive conclusion for the status of Helvetica. We finally decided to cut series that just weren’t working out for us and focusing more on series that just needed a little push in order to release steadily. In 2019 we are finally looking forward to finishing some projects and continuing this process of consolidating work effort on projects that need it and then of course also pick up new project depending on the free staff that we have.

Have a great day!

Happy New Year and Mousou Update

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve and we also released the last Mousou chapter we still had saved up. The Japanese release will be on hiatus until the 9th of January, so not too long.

In other news: we started a new Project!
Reiri Synopsis:
In the Sengoku Period (1579), there is a young woman who has lost everything, and dedicated herself to seeking strength and a death on the battlefield. Reiri once lived happily with her family, until the day soldiers came by after a battle. Her father, mother and brother sacrificed themselves in order for her to survive. She was only saved with the intervention of Okabe Tanpa no Kami, who had been sheltering in the village. In his service, she grew and learned to fight well, chasing her goal of a death in battle. However, her path to death may not be as short and straight as she hopes…

I think that’s all for now. Sorry about being rather short on words but last night drained me.

Again, Happy New Year!

Mousou Telepathy Update

Since two days the Japanese publication of Mousou Telepathy has resumed and we are back to releasing it at the usual release time.

Until now we have been releasing the chapter on the same day it came out in Japan but in order to work on Mousou without losing our minds we’ll need to built up a bit of buffer. We’ll do this by not releasing chapters on the next two weekends. On all other days you should expect a new Mousou chapters at 6pm CET. (Whatever that is in your time zone.)

November Update

This post is just called “November Update” since there is no specific reason for it besides it being a few general updates on what’s happening in the Helvetica manga mines.

First and foremost, yes, Mousou Telepathy is still on hiatus. We haven’t dropped it but there simply haven’t been any new Japanese chapters for a few months now. All we can do is hope and wait.

But besides Mousou, we are doing really well again.
Kings’ Viking and Ten Thousand Kinds of Love are finally back from the dead and releasing again, My Alien Days and Battle in 5 Seconds are both being done fully weekly now. Sadly we are not able to make Kumika no Mikaku bi-weekly but we are doing our best to release chapters as fast as we can. The series has been pretty cursed in terms of staff availability but we are of course planning on finishing the series with consistent releases.

That should be everything for now.
Maybe a small reminder that there is a link to our Discord server on the right side of this page. We are always happy to see new people to talk with there. Also you can yell at us why your favorite series isn’t releasing/releasing so slowly.

Have a great day!

Dropping Talentless Nana and Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested

As you might have already heard, we are dropping Talentless Nana since it has been licensed in English by Crunchyroll.
Due to work for chapter 19 already being underway when we got the news we now have redrawn files for chapter 19 that we won’t need anymore. If anyone wants to continue the scanlation of this series then hit us up.

The other series that we sadly need to let go is Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested. We have been struggling for a while now to keep releases coming but with recent changes in the availability of the team working on it, we decided to let it go. Moe Panda Scans has agreed to pick up the series in our stead and should be the ones that you can look to for updates from now on.

That should be every update in terms of dropping series. A few series are still stuck in a never ending loop of bottlenecks and other minor problems that keep us from getting any progress done on them. Most notably Curiosity Killed the Schoolgirl which is on hiatus for now since our translator for it vanished.

If you are a Japanese to English translator and want to help out, then send us an application. Any help would be greatly appreciated since this is where most of our problems lie right now.

ty ty ty

The Return of My Alien Days, Kyuu-Chan and Our Free Time

Today, 6 months after the release of chapter 6, we finally managed to get our shit together and finish another chapter of Nobel’s first work My Alien Days. Of course we are very sorry for the hiatus we went on but things happened and the team was kind of dead for a long time but we never lost hope and here we are.

With Alien Days back as a running project the only series that’s still on hiatus is Kalyx. Of course we also want to get this back, especially since the series is only 20 chapters in total which means we are already almost halfway done but there is still some planning to be done before we are ready for that.

In other news, we just got word that Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan is going to be starting it’s serialization again tomorrow and we will of course follow suit. Furthermore, the first volume of that series is going to be released on August 10th which means that we are in for some bonus material that we’ll release some time after that.

We have finally entered our summer break and while things are still in process of changing back to normal I think you can see that, judging from the amount of projects we are bringing back, we are doing better again.

Since people are asking a lot about Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested, yes, we are on it. Shouldn’t take too long at this point.

I think that’s all for today. Take care!

Mousou Telepathy, Erinna and Exams

Time for some updates on some of our series!

First of all, as of today we finally caught up to the Mousou Telepathy raws which means that our version is now also on hiatus. We don’t know when the Japanese version will start releasing again but we do know that the next volume is supposed to come out on August 10th. So for now expect this to be around the time when the manga is starting up again.

Secondly, Saturday we finished scanlating “Sing, Erinna!”. It was a really great experience and I hope you had as much fun reading as we had working on it.

To close this off I thought I should give an explanation for releases being even slower than usual right now. The simple answer is: it’s exam season for multiple members which made us put our focus on that instead of scanaltion for a little bit. Good news is that we are almost through so we’ll hopefully be able to batch release all the things that have been on hold until now.

In addition to that we are finally able to revive a dead project. If everything goes according to plan we’ll start working on My Alien Days again. It’s still take a bit but translation for the whole next volume and some chapters on top of that is done so we should be able to get it going in the near future.
Kalyx could also be a candidate for a future revival but we aren’t quite there yet for that series.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to comment bellow. Sorry again about the delayed chapters. We’ll be doing our best o7

Project and Staff Updates


In order for people to have an official place where they can get updates on series and other changes we’ll start a series of posts here on the website homepage. We aren’t exactly sure yet how often we’ll write them. Might be something like bi-weekly or just when there has been any change.

Let’s start off with staff updates:

Some time ago we made a r/manga post saying that we are recruiting for redrawers and we are happy to report that a ton of people applied and now the redrawing team is looking very strong again! Namely our new fresh meat for the Redrawing meatgrinder are:
Mistral (Mousou Telepathy, Talentless Nana)
– Hazari (Kumika no Mikaku)
Tacizewik (Souboutei must be Redrawn)
Of course there aren’t only new Redrawers. As of yesterday poii joined us as a translator for a new series we are starting. More on that later.
Thanks to all of you for your applications. It’s really great to see how many people are willing to help out. Of course also a big welcome to all the new people! I hope you have as much fun with scanlation as we are having.

Sadly we also have to announce a few people leaving Helvetica due to real life getting busier. Of course, this is a rather normal thing in scanlation and most of these people are constantly on the verge of joining back up with us again once things settle down but especially the loss of our great and illustrious leader Stephen and our fantastic Webmaster PaleLebouf.
Of course Helvetica doesn’t exactly need leading but all official matters that need to be taken care of are now handled by milnivek, iZN and myself, Newspage.
We thank them and all the others who left us in the last few months for all their hard work and we hope they’ll stay with us for much longer on our public Discord. Scanlations isn’t just about losing staff members but also about losing friends.

Let’s continue with project updates:

As of right now Helvetica has 10 running projects:
– Battle in 5 Seconds After Meeting
– Curiosity Killed the Schoolgirl
– Kings’ Viking
– Kumika no Mikaku
– Mousou Telepathy
– Please Take My Brother Away
– Souboutei Must Be Destroyed
– Talentless Nana
– Ten Thousand Kinds of Love
– And various One-Shots

All of these series are doing fine and are on a semi-regular release schedule. Of course we apologize for our inconsistency. Quite a few staff members have pretty busy lives which leads to some tasks being done later than any of us wants them to but that’s just how things go sometimes.

The following projects are halted, be it just temporarily or for a longer amount of time:
– Boku Girl
– Kalyx
– My Alien Days

A special status among halted projects have Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested and Wonder Cat Kyuu-chan. Both series were on a trial run by the publisher twi4. While we know that Kyuu-chan is confirmed to be continued sometime this April, we have no information on the status of Kusanagi-Sensei. So for now assume that this series is not being continued by twi4.

Last but not least let’s talk about a new project:

As I mentioned above poii joined to help us translate a very special series that I personally wanted to do for a long time now.

Sing, Erinna!

This series is also a daily 4koma published on twi4. It has already been completed with 116 chapters. The physical volume comes out this month so we’ll start working on it once we get the raws in.
It’s about an all-girl poet school in ancient Greece, heavily embedded in history, a lot of ancient Greek lore and an adorable plot that might or might not also be a bit yuri. The Mangaka is a professional Lyre player and did this series on the side because she wanted to share her fascination with ancient Greece. Look forward to it!

That should be all for today. If you have any more questions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

Have a great day!