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Grand Blue - Vol. 5 Chapter 21.5 and Holidays
Grand Blue -  Vol. 5 Chapter 21.5 and Holidays

[Image: Nvm7hNS.png]

Here you go people, Grand Blue 21.5 and therefore the end of volume 5 is released!

Because it's the holidays and we're all looking forward to spending time with our families, all of Helvetica will be on a short break for a week. Projects will not be released between Dec. 26-Jan. 5 (Kinema, Grand Blue, King's Viking, etc.).

However, Mousou Telepathy will continue it's daily release throughout the entire break!

We have also added a Donation button to our site as well. It's not required or expected of anyone to donate but we are now always open to raw donations. We do not and will never accept money. Rather than sending us money send it to the mangaka!

All releases will continue ~January 7th!

And merry Christmas!

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