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Grand Blue - Chapter 21
Grand Blue -  Vol. 5 Chapter 21 & News

[Image: Nvm7hNS.png]

Woah, news too? The fuck is this shit?

Firstly, we have removed all Tokyo Ghoul:re and Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu related content from the site due to a DMCA notice we recieved earlier this week. What this means is that the FBI knows we're selling coke on the side and that we gotta get rid of it (A metaphor).

Secondly, Please, please, please, do not tweet, DM, PM, or smoke signal any authors our scanlations. While we'd love to know if they enjoy them, it's a disrespectful and dangerous thing to do. What we do is illegal, and publishers don't care how much we love English scanlations.

That said, enjoy chapter 21 and see you on Christmas!

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Download: Direct

[Image: krZIk6q.png]
Kinda off-topic, but up til this moment, I didn't realize that the Telepathy manga was still ongoing. I know you'd said it'd become daily, but because I didn't see any updates, I thought something must've come up.
I'm glad to see it's still being translated.
Also, as ever thanks for bringing us new Grand Blue chapters.
Anytime! Apologies for not giving notice here, as it slipped our mind earlier. I'm glad you're enjoying both series though. Smile
[Image: krZIk6q.png]
Thank you for translating Grand Blue,i really enjoy this one.......

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