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What the fuck is happening?!
Quite a few of you might have been wondering a few things the past week. What happened to the site? Why am I sad? Where the fuck is my new chapter of Shouwa/Grand Blue?! I'm here to help answer these few things tonight before I pass out.

We've been making a lot of changes on the website for the better. Turns out, our original home page was kind of shitty in terms of both design and updatability. To fix this, we've redirected the home page to the forums! While it might be a spooky experience at being forced to look at a forum board, they're incredibly helpful to both staff and readers alike. When first entering the forum, you can easily spot updates and news unlike the original home page. Because of this, tests show that it can enhance everyone's enjoyment by up to 1000%*!

On the topic of Shouwa and Grand Blue, chapters will be pushed weekly. This is due to both workload and staff availability. Sadly we're lacking to fund both projects with enough typesetters, so it's quite a challenge. If you want to help resolve this issue and join our karaoke nights, head over and apply above! (Expect Shouwa to release during the weekends and Grand Blue early in the week).

As to why you're sad, it's probably the weather.

Thank you for reading! If there's ever any questions, or if you just want to say hi, drop a message in the shoutbox! It's an incredibly easy way to chat with you jokers about stupid (or important) things.

*numbers not verified.
[Image: krZIk6q.png]
May I know what happen to some of the manga like Shouwa and TG? Are you no longer working on them? They are not even in your manga list.

(Shouwa still in progress sheet but it seems to be outdated since Grand Blue c20 was already released)

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