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After several years of maintaining the top of the manga foodchain, Batoto’s closing down within the next week and another great site is lost.¬†Originally we weren’t affected by it’s closing at all, however¬†there are many groups that don’t have websites or 3rd party domains to host their most up-to-date scanlations. It would be a crime to ignore them, so for a while you’ll see a small amount of new scanlations from other groups on our domain. These people contacted us and asked if we could lend them a hand, and we thought of no reason not to.

As of now however this hospitality towards some groups won’t be extending outwards to many other groups. We’d love to help everyone, but keeping up with with uploads from other groups is going to be a little more difficult.

To sum it up, if you see a chapter from a series that we haven’t done or announced in the past, it’s likely from another group. Team listings under the series page and the credits at the end/beginning of the chapter will give you a good idea on who actually did the work on it.

Enjoy reading some new titles!

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  1. Just asking, do you guys have a list of groups whose works may be hosted here?
    Or is it still uncertain if some groups are going to be or not?
    It’d save me some time searching for where I could read their work (if they do anything I read) when Batoto shuts down, so I’d appreciate it.


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