King’s Viking ATM arc

IT Support

This page is mostly thinking aloud / discussing what is actually going on in the technical side of Kings Viking in the ATM arc. Word of warning: I’m not a professional in this field, so take everything with a grain of salt. The broad overview is that the VPN server the ATM uses to connect to the bank is extremely outdated and full of vulnerabilities, allowing a hacker to exploit it and conduct unauthorized transactions. Going into more technical detail… It would seem that the hacker spoofed the entire network that ATMs connect to the bank with, harvested data from people using the ATMs, then went to an ATM and had his server send queries to the real server based on the information he gathered from people using the ATM (I’m not sure if the money is being taken from the bank’s accounts or the accounts of the people who used the ATM before. It’s kind of unclear since there’s the picture with the absurd amount of money as a “balance” at the ATM, although Koreeda does explain it as if it’s from the people who used the ATM before). I also guess this means that the server was so old that it wasn’t using encrpytion for some reason (which it honestly should have been, even back then), or the hacker was skilled enough to break the encryption.

Moving on to what Koreeda is doing… He learns about the outdated VPN service in his trip to the Systems company, and then sets out to find the attacker. Koreeda is seriously bad at explaining things, and we more or less translated exactly what he was saying. When he says “he basically turned himself into an ATM”, (Arc 6 Chapter 5) he probably means that from the Bank’s point of view, the spoofed server the attacker is using looks like an ATM. He’s now going to do the same thing that the attacker is doing, which is “pretend to be an ATM”, baiting the attacker to be essentially attacking Koreeda as well when the attacker attacks the ATM network. It’s not exactly clear how he does it (whether by just joining the network as a new ATM, or picking an ATM in the network and intercepting communications to that ATM specifically, probably the latter), but it seems pretty reasonable given that he’s just doing what the other guy is doing. Once the guy attacks the network, Koreeda backtraces him because Koreeda can do that, and I’m guessing based on watching how the guy operates, he plans on catching the attacker in the act when he goes to collect the money from the ATM.

Now this part is interesting. Koreeda doesn’t actually have a way of knowing which ATM the attacker is going to target. The attacker is collecting all that customer information from the ATMs, but there’s no way of telling from that which ATM the attacker is going to target to collect his cash. This gives him two options, the first being he middlemans between the spoofed server and the real bank server, meaning he’ll intercept the attacker’s command to withdraw money from the ATM, and find out which ATM it is based on from what device the command claims to be from. How he recognized that it is the attacker’s command isn’t all that clear, unless it’s just a dirty attack that the system allows but honestly shouldn’t since someone looking at it can recognize it’s obviously an improper transaction. The other one would be middlemanning between each and every ATM to the spoofed server, so he’ll see which ATM is being asked to conduct the illegal transaction. He can’t just take over a single ATM, since this attack won’t be sent to every ATM, only the one he wants to do his bidding. Given how in Arc 6 chapter 6, Koreeda says he will be impersonating ATMs, he’s probably doing option 2. There probably aren’t that many ATMs, since the attack is limited to 2-3 marts in a certain district, so I guess it isn’t as insane as it sounded when I described it earlier. He’s basically just doing what he did earlier in order to detect the attacker, except with more machines.

The arrogant old dude from the cyber division’s comparison of Koreeda doing this as being comparable to suddenly being able to speak Russian simply from listening to other people speak Russian isn’t entirely on point, but it’s a pretty cool description. He only really needs to be able to pass batons back and forth. Attacker tries to send data to the ATM, Koreeda receives this data, and has to send the data forward to the ATM while looking like the correct server without messing up the format/anything else, and then take the data that the ATM tries to send back to the server, and pass that data back to the attacker/server. Anyway, Kings’ Viking is the best manga I’ve worked on (yes, better than Grand Blue). Thanks for reading.

New groups on

After several years of maintaining the top of the manga foodchain, Batoto’s closing down within the next week and another great site is lost. Originally we weren’t affected by it’s closing at all, however there are many groups that don’t have websites or 3rd party domains to host their most up-to-date scanlations. It would be a crime to ignore them, so for a while you’ll see a small amount of new scanlations from other groups on our domain. These people contacted us and asked if we could lend them a hand, and we thought of no reason not to.

As of now however this hospitality towards some groups won’t be extending outwards to many other groups. We’d love to help everyone, but keeping up with with uploads from other groups is going to be a little more difficult.

To sum it up, if you see a chapter from a series that we haven’t done or announced in the past, it’s likely from another group. Team listings under the series page and the credits at the end/beginning of the chapter will give you a good idea on who actually did the work on it.

Enjoy reading some new titles!

Boku Girl?

Boku Girl!

Different from other series that we work on, Boku Girl is an incredibly popular gender bender ecchi that was previously worked on by the group Boku no Manga, and then later Boku Boy with an unknown translator.

With all the hubbub about stolen translations and other stuff, we’ve been asked by a friend to redo chapters 80 and onwards due to unpopular translations and lack of visibility on sites such as We’ll be doing our best to reproduce the style Boku no Manga had up until chapter 79, while still improving it where we see fit. Beyond that, we’d also like to thank Boku no Manga and Boku Boy for all their hard work. We really hope that our releases might satisfy a large group of people that have been wanting a retranslation of the last 3 volumes.

Discord, Manga, and Staff

Discord: Ever since the removal of the shoutbox several months ago, we’ve been looking for a proper alternative for reader to staff communication. After noticing the substantial growth that Discord has gone over in the past few years, we’ve decided to make a separate server dedicated for shitposting and talking to staff. Discuss scanlation, chapter releases, concerns, spoilers, anime, games, or anything else. You can find a direct invitation to the server on the right to drop in whenever you like.

Manga: Over the past few months we’ve accumulated many more titles that we’re excited to release consistently. Kalyx, Talentless Nana, and Souboutei Must Be Destroyed are all fantastic, and we’re glad that you (generally speaking) love them too. However despite this, we’ll be avoiding picking up new titles for a while now to prevent staff from being stretched too thin. One series that wasn’t mentioned that we’re working on though is none other than Boku Girl. Several friends that have been brought in showed interest in doing chapter 80 and onward due to the lack of acceptance of other scanlations in varying communities. While we generally avoid working on something that someone has already worked on, these preexisting scanlations aren’t allowed on Batoto and show slightly less quality. We hope to satisfy many people out there and appreciate the work that Boku Boy and others have done to fill the gap left by Boku no Manga.

Staff: Helvetica has had a slow, yet steady growth since it’s foundation. What used to be 10 members grew to 20, 30, and now 43. With 9 translators, 11 editors, 9 proofreaders, 11 typesetters, 5 quality checkers, we’re more than joyous with the releases we provide as well as our own internal community that has developed. As always, we’re constantly looking for blood fresh to help out with our new titles, so be sure to check our credits page for details on specifically what needs your help.

Finally we want to say thank you to everyone for offering help, donations, and just reading. Even though some pieces we publish are overlooked, simply being able to provide literature in a language that companies have otherwise showed no interest in is incredibly fulfilling. Happy Summer!


Grand Blue Chapter 36 Script Explanation

This chapter was not nearly as convoluted as the last one, but it still merits a few words on the nature of the script.

First, I was reading my comment from last month’s chapter while discussing with our proofreader, and I realized that I didn’t explain myself properly on the “bitch” line. While what I said wasn’t incorrect, it wasn’t wholly correct either. ビッチ(bicchi) does carry the connotation of “slut”, but it also carries the connotation of “bitch”. Since it has this dual meaning, I just went for the obvious one (which, in last month’s chapter, was “slut”). However, I felt that the use of ビッチ in this chapter was more akin to “bitch” and wanted to clarify this since several members of Helvetica commented on it.

Second, just like last week, we had some issues with implied pronouns. This time around, they were in the title, which was 好きなの?(sukinano?); literally translated as “like?” Now, clearly, “like?” is not going to cut it as a title, so we had to fuck with the pronouns a bit. My original title was “You Like Him?” but that was a bit too specific, and our proofreader managed to cut the “him” and get it to “That’s Who You Like?” It’s still not perfect and fails to convey the same level of ambiguity and flexibility as the raws, but it’s pretty good and I feel that it’s a thematic fit for the chapter (what with all the confusion of who likes who).

Lastly, fuck Kouhei. On page 11, he utters the line 彼女が告白されたのか!!? (kanojo ga kokuhaku sareta no ka?!!); which is something like “she was confessed to?!!” However, the underlined 彼女 can be used both to mean “her/she” or “girlfriend”. This is meant to cause the confusion Iori experiences, and prompts him to wonder, “彼女? Who’s he talking about? Oh, my ‘girlfriend’ is Chisa, so it’s Chisa.” In the next panel, Chisa is labelled as 一応彼女 (ichiou kanojo) meaning roughly “technically girlfriend”. However, you’ll note that we had to cut this as the English version fails to ever establish a potential dual meaning behind Kouhei’s initial reference to Shiori. It was a rather inconsequential line, all in all, but we had a very lengthy discussion about it, and since we couldn’t preserve the whole joke, I thought it would be nice to explain the part we missed here.

Anyway, I think doing these on the site will probably be better than writing a huge amount of shit on the reddit threads, so if I continue to do these, they’ll be here within a day or two of the chapter upload.

Added two new pages!

For a while, some important information has been either lacking or out of date on the website; namely our project statuses and general group information. However, since the Goddess has shined her grace upon us and didn’t pack our weeks full of work for once, these two new pages have been added to the website.

By clicking “About Us/FAQ” you’ll be able to find information regarding Helvetica such as how to contact us, what scanlation is, and how to join. We’ve also removed the “Donate” button in place of this since we’ve never really looked too much into expanding it to monetary donations yet. This is currently being reviewed though, and will be strictly for raw and website payments (The website costs ~$80/yr and raws generally ¥700/$6 per chapter/volume. I’ll be blunt, we don’t need much money, if any at all. Any donations in the future will just help by allowing us to use our income for other more important means).

By clicking “Project Status” you’ll find a list of all of our ongoing titles. You’ll find information such as the amount of volumes released, Japanese release schedule, and our release schedule. This will be expanded upon in the future, but serves it’s base need for now.

That’s all that’s been changed for now, and quite likely for a while. In the future we’ll incorporate a new chat box for you to communicate through in real time, but that’s something that requires a much larger time-sink than what we’re able to produce at the moment.

Happy national chocolate covered cashews day!

About the Shoutbox

Since I remodeled the site, I’ve known about the shoutbox issue, but I didn’t have the time to sit down and figure it out. Now, due to me being hard pressed for time with finals being soon, I don’t have the time to sit down and fix it until around June. I was simply waiting to see if people would figure it out and lo and behold, today is the day. That means the shoutbox gets taken away. It will be down until further notice.

As always, thanks for the support!

-Pale the Webmaster

Pale’s Journey Through Japanese 1

Before I go on, I would like to make it clear that everything I will be talking about is anecdotal and from my own experiences. I don’t have the intention on teaching in detail, but I will be providing resources I’ve found and continue to find that I use. If you want to learn Japanese, you can find tons of material on how to start out online with a quick Google search.

The Very Beginning

I began to learn Japanese around this time last year, a little bit after Helvetica was created. I got my inspiration to learn Japanese through my love of manga and anime, along with the thought that it could be useful with my major of Computer Science. Really, I just used that as an excuse to justify why I was learning it to my family. In high school, I was actually pretty good at learning Spanish. This was when I really found my knack for languages and decided what general direction I wanted to take my life. At this point, I thought to myself “hey, it might be hard as fuck, but why not?”. And thus, my grandiose journey through learning Japanese began.

I started off where most people do; learning how to read and write.

With a quick google search, I found there is a TON of resources out there to teach you how to read and write. There’s so many different things you can do it’s kind of overwhelming. I ended up just downloading a couple of apps onto my iPhone at the time and just passively studied the readings of hiragana and katakana until I could recite the reading. I quickly found that, for myself at least, I can’t retain a whole lot of information by using flashcards alone, so I tried finding resources to help me read. I did find one resource, which is this. It’s a collection of sheets much like you may have seen or used in kindergarten to practice writing characters over and over again. I sat down each day for around a week and did one page a piece. Even then, I couldn’t remember which character is which (probably because I did it way too fast to actually retain). My search for a better way to memorize the kana continued.

I eventually found a collection of YouTube videos going through every single character of the kana (hira and kata). You can find that playlist here. This was the man who basically taught me how to read and write the kana. He teaches the kana using the book Remembering the Kana by James Heisig. For myself, I have a lot of trouble learning from textbooks because I don’t retain a lot of information purely from reading, but being taught the reading and association of a kana to a mnemonic verbally worked effortlessly for myself. I watched about one half to  an entire video a night for about one and a half weeks and constantly quizzed myself on what I knew. I did this by keeping a running list or key of what I knew which I used to check if I was right or wrong when I wrote out everything I knew up to that point. It looked something like this:

Kana Chart
Forgive my handwriting, I know it’s terribly hard to read.

I continued to quiz myself for about a month and practiced reading just random things until it became second nature and that’s all there really is to it. It’s just like learning how to read when you’re a toddler.

In the next post, I’m fairly certain I’ll delve into what to do next which is to learn grammar, but since it’s a busy time of the year for me at school, it might be another 2 weeks to a month seeing how long it takes me to sit down and write one of these out.

I thank you all of those for reading and hope you find some help with learning a little Japanese whether you’re just beginning or have been having trouble getting off the ground in the past. I am no expert, but I do know how difficult it is to really get yourself going with something as big as learning a language for personal gain or just for fun.

Thank you all for the support!

-Pale the Webmaster

New Reader is Live!

After several long weeks of work, I have finally completed remodeling the reader site for desktop and mobile use. You can access it at I added previous and next buttons to reader navigation, and made the page number and chapter selector into dropdown menus. I also redid a bit of the JavaScript code on scrolling and page changes to be snappier and quicker. Chapter loading is still widely the same for caching optimization, which I know is a pain for our Mousou readers – sorry guys… The reader is also restyled to match this new site blessing your eyes currently. If anything looks weird or misaligned, let me know! I will do my best to fix it. Just leave a comment.

I have one more project in the works with one of Helvetica’s own members to display the latest releases on the home page for easy access. Look forward to that popping up in coming months.

One last note, I was thinking about posting about my own progress and study with the Japanese language since several of Helvetica’s members are interested in learning. Coming from a complete beginner, I will walk through my inspiration to learn Japanese and how much it really takes, as well as where to start, self-expectations, and different resources. I will also post about what I’ve currently been learning both on my own and in classes.

That’s all on webmaster updates – as always, thanks for the support!

-Pale the Webmaster

Edit: I forgot to mention that I am killing the forum site since it is no longer needed. I will be keeping up the old reader for about a week before deleting it as well for any sort of external links on Reddit or otherwise. That is all.