Boku Girl?

Boku Girl!

Different from other series that we work on, Boku Girl is an incredibly popular gender bender ecchi that was previously worked on by the group Boku no Manga, and then later Boku Boy with an unknown translator.

With all the hubbub about stolen translations and other stuff, we’ve been asked by a friend to redo chapters 80 and onwards due to unpopular translations and lack of visibility on sites such as We’ll be doing our best to reproduce the style Boku no Manga had up until chapter 79, while still improving it where we see fit. Beyond that, we’d also like to thank Boku no Manga and Boku Boy for all their hard work. We really hope that our releases might satisfy a large group of people that have been wanting a retranslation of the last 3 volumes.

4 thoughts on “Boku Girl?

  1. I love you so much for carrying this on. Chapter 80 felt really consistent with the previous sub groups, so great job in that respect. Looking forward to more!

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