About / FAQ

What is Helvetica Scans?

Helvetica is a non-profit, hobby-grade, cooperative, ethnicity-blended, multi-project, choice + growing scanlation group that focuses on making English adaptions of lesser known Asian comics/manga. Titles published are mostly seinen oriented, however shounen, shoujo, manhua, and josei titles aren’t exempt from the collective interest. Any personal views shown by staff members do not reflect the combined outlook of the group.

How can I contact Helvetica Scans?

If you have anything you want us to know, join our public Discord or shoot us an email at HelveticaScans@gmail.com.

We do not have twitter, reddit, tumblr, or facebook account. Any you see are impersonations. Please report any you find to the email above.

What is scanlation?

Scanlation (a conjunction of the words translation and scanning) is the process that involves translating digitized media (specifically comics/manga) and releasing it in another language. While there are many steps to the process, it varies depending on the group. Common steps though are scanning (digitizing the media), translating, proofreading (ensuring dialogue flows properly) cleaning (removing paper grain and fixing colours), and editing (removing raw text and adding English replacements). In Helvetica many of these duties are separated into smaller ones to reduce the workload of staff. For instance, editing is split into typesetting (placing text) and redrawing (removing text) to prevent the work from being a large time-sink.

How can I join?

Helvetica is always looking for more titles or staff, however we can’t accept everyone. Over-staffing is a very real problem that can prevent progress from being made. Because of this, we avoid bringing in any more members unless it’s needed, and will sadly prioritize those with experience over those without. You can apply by clicking “Join Us” on the top of the site and filling out the application form.

Can I donate?

As of right now we don’t accept monetary donations. This is a combined set of moral complications and how to go about the process, so to prevent any legal issues we’ve refrained for the time being.

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